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Oh Boy, George

Posted by Bill on August 25, 2001 at 16:33:26:

I guess I will chime back in here. Gee, where to start… Oh yes, Australia. Your mention of them fighting on your side during various wars is also true for us, is it not? Did we not come to your rescue on a number of occasions? Do the math. How many Americans gave their life to help liberate Europe? Australians were our most valuable allies in the Pacific campaign of WWII. And remain as such to this day. As a former empirical American sailor in the Pacific, I seem to have a little experience working with them.

Your revisionist perception of how American’s oppressed the poor Natives is kind of naive. Perhaps you forget that it was an Englishman named John Smith was a pioneer of Indian brutality. There is archeological evidence that shows the Indians that English settlers encountered were not the “Natives” of this land but in fact were the aggressors that pushed out some other indigenous people. The first Indian that Miles Standish and the Pilgrims encountered, spoke fluent English. Why? Because, my dear subject of the crown, he spent seven years as a slave in England but was eventually freed by a monk and returned to America. William Penn, the King’s governor of Pennsylvania, cheated the Indians at every opportunity. So you see, brutality and slavery is not an American “original sin” as many people would like to have you believe.

Since the dawn of man it has always been the responsibility of the conquered to get with the program and learn to live with the conquerors. The American Indians were faced with an aggressive foe. It was their own in-fighting and mutual distrust that prevented them from marshaling any kind of alliances to ward off that enemy. They were not the icons of virtue, as the present crop of revisionist tries to depict them.

By the way, I have only seen Patriot twice and I have never seen Braveheart. Say, isn’t Braveheart loosely based on the English brutality of Scotland? I am glad that we have all grown out of that little phase of national development.

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