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Welcome to a little escape from the more serious matters of life. This site originated in 1999, predating the PatriotResource.com domain and material by more than a year. During the Christmas holiday, it was decided that the domain needed to have a release from the more serious topics of the American Revolution (with companion The Patriot section) and the World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks of September 11, 2001, so this site was revived. Since it has been dormant for nearly two years, it is gradually being converting from a frames site and the content is being updated.

Check the News section for the latest updates.

Fantasy: Comments and reviews of selected books, movies and a special section on The Lord of the Rings.

Science Fiction: Comments or reviews of selected books, movies, television series and a special section on Dune.

Literature: Selected works of fiction and the Classics.

Movies: Selected films.

Writings: Some of the webmaster's own short stories and essays.

Links: Links for authors, movies, television series and literary and writing interests.

If you're interested in who the proprietor of this little realm is, then take a look at the little Bio.

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