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I have long enjoyed writing when I have the urge and the time. I guess that's why I ended up majoring in English. Below are some stories (and 1 essay) that I wrote while in college. Use the gray graphic arrows at the bottom of each page to navigate through the stories:

DreamWorld - This "short story" is purely based on a dream I had one night and recorded the next day. 3 Pages (February 1997)

DreamGirl - This "short story" is purely based on a dream I had one night. It had evoked intense emotions that I couldn't shake. After two months I wrote it down so I could finally let it go. Once I wrote it out, it was still so strong that I used it as a prologue in a short story writing assignment.
2 Pages (November 1997)

The End? Or the Beginning? - This was my first ever short story writing assignment. I chose to write a Western, but I figured I could pull it off thanks to having read more than a few Louis L'Amour books. I immediately had an ending in mind, which had a Twilight Zone-like twist.
11 Pages (February 1998)

Questions - This story was my final assignment for the same short story writing class as above. I actually came up with the idea for this science fiction story the same night that I finished up the previous assignment (which used the DreamGirl prologue, but was otherwise subpar). After having written several pages, I realized that my idea had grown too big for my assignemtn, so I came up with a quick ending. See if you can spot where I shortened it. 15 Pages (April 1998)

The Virtues of The Lord of the Rings - An essay written for an adolencent literature class that I took. It discusses why I read fantasy and why I consider The Lord of the Rings the best of modern fantasy. The Lord of the Rings is compared to Robert Jordan's (as yet unfinished) The Wheel of Time. The lack of women in The Lord of the Rings is also touched upon. 8 Pages (April 1999)

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