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Rossovich, Erick Graham (2815 -?).
Known as the leading figure to bring about the end of the Age of Regression. His vision led mankind to finally expand as a race into the frontier of space. Shortly before his went underground and disappeared in 2897, he described his education-completing Vacation as the time when he defined himself as a person and found direction in his life.
-Encyclopedia of the 3rd Millennium

      Erick finished packing the few items of clothing, toiletries and a couple of sentimental trinkets that he had chosen to take on his Vacation. Erick was to turn eighteen in a few days and would then have to choose where he wished to live out his life. First, as was tradition, he would go on a vacation. Erick had no idea as yet where he was going. Every time he had inquired about the trip, the Masters had told him that he would choose his destination just prior to leaving.

      Erick had grown skeptical that the Masters or the law would truly allow him that much freedom of choice. His parents had made choices for him when he was a child. When he had come to the Institution at age twelve just as the law dictated, the Masters had controlled his schooling. Only in the last few months since Erick had completed the standard curriculum and waited for this birthday to come, had they allowed him some choice in his free studies. Still, most of his life was still dictated by their regiments and schedules. Even 'free' activities had been limited to options that Masters felt were appropriate for him.

      Erick took one last look around the room that had been his for six years. It was barely big enough for a small bed, desk and a wardrobe. He looked at the shelves overlooking his bed on which stood images of he and his friends from the Institution. A smile began to grow as he remembered the moments that they had captured, but it faded as he remembered that those friends were already distant and would only become more so with time. The final image was taken when he was last with Holly. As he looked at it now, he saw sadness in both their eyes. It was from only a couple of months ago and that night had been pleasant, but Erick had felt like it had been a farewell event.

Absolut Paradigm

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