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I had a dream one night. I found it interesting so I put it down in writing:

      As the haze of sleep clears and a dream solidifies, I find I am at college. I am searching for a class, a chemistry class, if I am correct. I am already going to be late, which means when I do find it, I will draw attention to myself when I enter. This thought seems to drive me find the correct classroom all the more quickly.

      I now take notice of the building I am in. Its appearance vaguely reminds me of the building where I took my college physics courses, but it cannot be that building, because I am searching for a chemistry class. It is an old building. The halls are cluttered with boxes and other junk. I ask for directions to the class. Chemistry 1117 was the name of the course, I believe. I am told it is located near the back of the building and the entrance is very hard to find, because it is hidden; yet not hidden in that surreal dream way.

      I now set out with this new knowledge, but my confidence quickly dissipates as I discover that there are several such hidden, yet not hidden entrances to choose from. At this point my memory is vague. There is little detail about my search. After an unknown period of time I finally decide on a likely entrance and enter. I enter a huge room. The ceiling towers at least twenty feet above. I see the professor at least twenty-five feet below teaching. I see him lecturing yet I do not hear him and my late entrance has not been noticed by him or any one of the students because of the rather unique layout of the classroom.

      I take a seat, yet I do not. I actually seem to find a place to simply lay down as some of the other students have done. Others seem to be sitting in the usual classroom desks, including an attractive dark-haired girl who is paying me no mind. Even though she is paying me no mind, what may be described as a tingle passes through me for a moment as I look at her. All the students are located on what can be described as a balcony, even though loft seems to be a term that fits it better, overlooking the rest of the room. The professor is in the center area, the only portion not cluttered. The walls are lined with books and the rest of the room is filled with boxes and equipment of various sizes. I know it is equipment, yet I cannot describe any of the uses or even the appearance.

Absolut Paradigm

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