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        He stood talking with his friend. Where they were having their conversation was somewhere far from home. They stood in a large room. As they talked, a door opened and a girl appeared from it. He looked at her and was surprised to find he recognized her.

        Memories flashed through his mind of some of the times he had spent with her. He remembered laughing with her and holding her. He remembered long walks and them looking into one another's eyes. He remembered their first kiss. The memories packed with the most emotion came and went in a blink of his eye. She looked more beautiful to him right then than ever before. The emotion left him with only one thing to say. It is apparent that whatever she had meant to him, he had not expected to see her here now.

        He called her name. She turned to face them and when she recognized him, she smiled. It was just a small smile, but he smiled back as he walked closer to where she stood. He asked her why she was here so far from her home, which was the same place as his home. She answered him. He only cared that she stood before him and wished to keep her this near as long as he could. She said she was in a hurry and had to go. He wished there was something he could say that would convince her to stay, but he knew her well enough to understand that there was nothing he could do to stop her from leaving, so he only made an attempt at another smile and nodded and she turned and began to walk away.

        Then without any thought, he stepped toward her, reached out with his hand and brushed her face with his fingertips. Time seemed to slow as he first touched her. The reason why he had done such a thing came in a thought now, that a touch to the face is a show of deep affection and caring. He thought the action could say so much in what little time he had, and he remembered that she had never retreated from his touch before. If she felt at all different about him, she would react negatively to his invasion. A gentle touch was all he made. Her skin was as soft and warm as he remembered it to be. She had always welcomed his touch before, but he was almost afraid that she would not welcome it this time. His touch was filled with all the tenderness and love that he had for her. As his fingers lingered by her cheek, he realized for the first time just how much love he had for her.

Absolut Paradigm

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