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Re: plain talk?

Posted by Scott on August 27, 2001 at 18:21:17:
In Reply to: plain talk? posted by Pat Henry on August 27, 2001 at 17:22:23:

There's plain talk and there's being personal about it.

The immediate tone by several posters has been that they agree or disagree with the movie's take on history and those who disagreed with them were morons. The Vietnamese Patriot was obviously a condescending post, but he ran off, so nothing further needed to be said.

Discussion of the historical origins of Australia is good. Allusions to the alledged promiscuity of the country's women has no place here, but in a forum about sexual history and is the type of comment that can be taken personal. Looking at your own first post: 'this Poor Brit', 'I will not suffer to pay any mind to an enslaved Brit', those can be considered condescending remarks, even stating that you will not listen to him. Even people that are considered backward by modern civilizations have their own wisdom and I'm not saying Britain is a backward country. I don't like being called a 'stupid American' and such a similar address to me would not have me anticipating an open-minded, thoughtful debate.

As I make this post, I realize that I should not have made my comment about modern politics toward 'Pat' (my apologies) since that topic is germaine to this forum.

I've never moderated, but I have watched more than one forum go down the tubes, so be patient with me while I try and make this one last now that its started show some life.

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