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People's Choice Awards Results

Posted by Scott on January 08, 2001 at 09:34:39:

Well, Mel Gibson took home awards for Favorite Movie Actor and Favorite Actor in a Dramatic Movie, but the movie itself lost out to The Green Mile.

Posted by Andréa on January 08, 2001 at 14:45:46:
-: In Reply to: PCA. Results posted by Scott on Jan. 08, 2001 at 09:34:39:

Well, I'm a bit disappointed, but not surprised. As a rule, my favorite movies, though nominated, never make it to the actual awards. Anyway I'm glad for Mel Gibson, who certainly deserved to
be a winner.

Posted by Scott on January 08, 2001 at 14:57:55:
-: In Reply to: Re: PCA Results posted by Andréa on Jan. 08, 2001 at 14:45:46:

Well, based on what I learned of the Awards, I'm not sure how much stock I put in Mel's wins and The Patriot's losses. The Awards are apparently chosen by random phone poling and the results pretty much mirror what I read from a lot of critics.
'Mel was good, but the movie was a retread of Braveheart.'

Posted by wendy on January 08, 2001 at 19:22:11:
-: In Reply to: Re: PCA Results posted by Scott on Jan. 08, 2001 at 14:57:55:

yeah mel won! it was great he was so charming, and fun! i cried when the patriot lost, not really but i pretended to. but just think out of all the great movies that came out this year only three were picted and choosers could choose any movie they could think of. original content and design Copyright © 1999-2019; Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement