Derek Jacobi
Derek Jacobi

Character Portrayed in Gladiator: Senator Gracchus

Born: October 22, 1938; Leytonstone, London, England

Derek Jacobi in Gladiator
Derek Jacobi brings classical nobility to the role of Senator Gracchus. Gracchus is clearly the populist leader of the Senate and Jacobi gives him a quiet confidence and power, which is a contrast to Emperor Commodus' arrogance. He is also able to portray Gracchus' slow plotting against Commodus as cautious, rather than cowardly.

Jacobi has only a few scenes, but he brings a great deal of subtlety to his role, which gives the character more of an appearance of depth. Jacobi is convincing as Gracchus, who has maneuvered himself to the top tier of power in the Roman Senate.

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