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Dr. Christian Shephard

Father of Jack Shephard

Portrayed by: John Terry

Appears in:
1.5 - "White Rabbit"
1.11 - "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
1.16 - "Outlaws"
1.20 - "Do No Harm"

Dr . Christian Shephard had a strained relationship with his son. Even when Jack was a child, Christian was very distant. Through a series of flashbacks, it was explained that Jack had at first covered for his father, who had been called in to do an emergency surgery and had carried it out while impaired by alcohol. At the board of inquiry, Jack recanted his written statement and gave a verbal statement that led to Christian's suspension as chief o staff and from practicing medicine.

Christian then headed for Australia. Two weeks after he left, Jack's mother pleaded with Jack to go after him. Jack did so, but arrived too late. he found that Christian had been on a bender since being in Australia and had been found dead in an alley outside a bar. Jack was on Flight 815 because he was trying to return with Christian's body in time for a scheduled funeral. While he was in Australia, he met Sawyer. He told Sawyer that he basically run away to Australia. He also said that he was afraid to call his son on a phone nearby and that he was proud of the man that Jack had become.

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