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Richard Malkin
Richard Malkin (the psychic)

Portrayed by: Nick Jameson

Appears in:
1.10 - "Raised by Another"

Richard Malkin is a psychic that Claire and her friend go visit not long after Claire learns that she is pregnant. Malkin begins his reading by asking about her baby, which was unexpected since she is not yet showing. Hen then abruptly stops the reading and insists that they leave. After Thomas breaks up with her, Claire gets desperate and tried to go see him again. At first, he refused to allow her to come in, but she finally convinced him. He did a reading and got upset. He wouldn't tell her what he saw. All he would say is that she had to raise the child herself. When she told him that she planned to put the baby up for adoption, he was adamant that she raise the child. Now upset, Claire then left Malkin's house. He kept calling her pleading with her to raise the child. He finally calls with a plan to send her to Los Angeles to a couple that will care for the baby, but she has to leave on a specific flight (Flight 815) or else it will be too late.. She turns him down, but then reconsiders. He gives her the ticket and some money.

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