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Lost Season Three Episodes:

Episode Name: A Tale of Two Cities
Episode Number: 301
Flashbacks: Jack
Story by: Damon Lindelof
Teleplay by: J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof
Directed by: Jack Bender
Original US Air Date: 10/4/06 on ABC

Previously (Recap):
Bearded man tells Jack it's not his Island


Locke says that they are not alone on the Island

Ana Lucia says they are smart.

Gale tells the bound Sawyer, Jack and Kate that they are coming with him.

(Three months ago)
A blonde puts on "Downtown." She listens to the music.

The blonde runs to the kitchen where muffins are burning. She burns her hand.

The doorbell rings.

The blonde answers the door and it's an older woman. She comments about her plumbing still not being fixed.

A number of people sit in her living room. It's a book club. Her name is Juliet. She gets into an argument with Adam about her choice of books and that Ben won't like it. Their argument is broken up by shaking.

They step outside and see Flight 815 flying overhead. Henry Gale walks out of another bungaloo. The plane can be seen breaking up. Gale calls Goodwin and Ethan. He tells Goodwin to head for the tail section and Ethan to head for the main fuselage. He tells them both to pretend to be survivors and not let on who they are.

He walks over to Julie and asks if he's not in the book club anymore.

Several zoom cuts move out to show the little "resort" that they are staying in on one side of the Island and the smoking parts of the airplane can be seen in the background.

Act 1:
Flashback #1:
An old big band tune plays in the background as Jack sits in his car. He watches Sarah come out of a building across the street and appear to flirt with a man.

Jack is in a dimly lit room. He tries to back down the door with no luck. He then calls for Kate through the glassed side of the room.

A shower is running. Kate lies on the floor. She opens her eyes to find the bearded man (minus the beard) standing there. She asks where Jack and Sawyer on. He won't answer and suggests that she take a shower. He offers fresh towels, etc. She says that sh'e not showering in front of him. He laughs and says that she's not his type. He then walks out and closes the door.

Sawyer wakes up in an outdoor cell. He sees a Dharma logo on a pipe nearby. He sees a young man with his back to him in a cell across from him. Sawyer calls him and the man turns for a second and then turns back. Sawyer then turns to the back of his cell and finds a big button with a fork and knife on it. He presses it and something says "warning." He does it again and gets the warning again. The man across warns him not to do that, but Sawyer does it again and gets hit with an electrical charge that throws him across the cell.

Jack yanks on a chain several times. Someone walks in and says to him through the glass, "Please don't do that." Juliet introduces herself.

Act 2:
Flashback #2:
Jack walks into an office. He starts talking to a receptionist. Sarah asks him where his lawyer is. He walks over, sits down and says that she looks pretty. She asks about his lawyer again. He says that he fired his lawyer. He starts to apologize when her cell phone rings. She answers it and talks. She says that he just got there, chuckles and then she says that she'll call later. She hangs up and he wants to know who "he" is. Jack says that she can have everything, but he wants to know who is with his wife. She just looks at him for a moment and then gets up and walks off.

Juliet asks Jack to stop. He doesn't seem to respond, so she tweaks the microphone volume and asks him if he can hear her. He responds by banging on the glass. She assumes that he can hear her. He wants to know where his friends are. She says that she'll tell him if he stops pulling the chain. He wants to know if she thinks he's stupid. She says that she thinks he's stubborn. His response is to keep pulling.

Kate is done with her shower and finds her clothes are gone. She calls out asking about her clothes. She finds a dress in another locker.

She puts it on.

She looks at herself in the mirron and the bearded man (minus his beard) whistles. He says that he's waiting.

The bearded man (minus the beard) leads her down some stairs past a clearing and down to the beach.

Henry Gale sits at a table with a meal set out

Kate sees handcuffs on the table. Gale says that she'll have to put them on. She wants to know what happens if she doesn't. He says that she won't get any coffee. She puts them on and he insists that she tighten them. She wants her old clothes. He says that they burned them. She wants to know why he gave her a dress, brought her to the beach and fixed a breakfast. He says he wanted to her feel like a woman again, feel like her friends were looking out on the same ocean and that she was civilized. He says that he did this because the two weeks are going to be very unpleasant. He gets up and leaves.

Act 3:
Jack is on the phone. He tells a story that he found Sarah's cell phone on the train. The person on the other end doesn't seem to give him the answer he wants and Jack hangs up. His father is at the door. Jack asks for a minute, but his father comes in anyway. Jack says that he asked for a minute. Christian notices that Jack is dialing all the numbers in Sarah's phone. He tells Jack to let it go and then his cell phone rings. Jack realizes that Sarah was calling his father. He wants to know why. Christian ends up telling him that she was afraid that Jack was losing his grip. Jack says that he isn't. Christian says that he knows a little about being obsessive. Jack says that being an alcoholic isn't being obsessive. That shuts his father up and Christian leaves, but not without saying "let it go, Jack."

In his cell, Jack hears his father telling him to "let it go." Jack slams the intercom. The light comes on and Juliet walks in. She has a tray of food. She tells him to stand against the far wall and she'll bring it in. He doesn't want her food. He tells her to tell whoever is talking to him on the intercom to stop. She says that the intercom isn't working. He wants to know if they are watching him. She asks what he does. He says that he's a repo man. She asks him where he was flying from on the plane. He answers Sydney . She wants to know why he was there. He says he was getting his father who was dead. She says that he was sorry. He doesn't think she is being sincere. She puts her hand on the glass and says that he can trust her. Jack steps close to the glass and asks what is going on. She walks to the door, takes a bite of the food and walks out.

The young man talks to Sawyer. The man asks him about his plane and the people on it. Sawyer is sarcastic, because he figures the guy is a plant or something. He turns around to find the man right outside his cell and the escape alarm going off. The man opens Sawyer's cell and tells him to run "that way." The man goes the other way.

Sawyer runs out of the compound into the jungle. Juliet steps out and says "hey." Sawyer stops and looks at her. She pulls out a stun gun and takes him down.

Sawyer is back in his cell. Juliet stands outside it. The bearded man (minus the beard) has the young man. He calls him Carl and wants him to say something. Carl apologizes to Sawyer for involving him in his escape attempt. Carl is then led away.

Act 4:
Jack sits in his cell. Juliet walks him with food again. She says that the drugs they gave him lead to dehydration. She says that he needs to eat or drink. He wants to know if she's a doctor. She answers that she's a repo woman. She says that she understands that if he tells her anything or does anything, he feels like he's losing. She pleads with him and Jack moves to the back of the room. She walks in, put the food down, tells him thanks and walks out.

Flashback #4:
Jack sees to a patient. He notices his father talking and laughing on his cell phone. Jack is distracted as the nurse calls him.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Jack has followed Christian. He watches Christian climb out of his car and walk in what looks like a hotel.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Jack follows Christian down a corridor and into a room.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Jack comes in and wants Christian's cell phone. Christian tells him to look around. It's some sort of meeting. A woman invites Jack to sit down. Jack realizes that she knows him. He wants to know what Christian has told them about him and his marriage. Jack accuses Christian of being with his wife. Jack is told that Christian has been sober for fifty days and Jack is snide about it. Jack ends up tackling his father.

Jack jumps up and tackles Juliet. He knocks the stun gun away and subdues her. He wants her to open the door. She refuses. She says that if she opens it they will die. Jack doesn't think she's telling the truth. Gale walks in and says that she's telling the truth. He says that if they open the door, then they will all die. Jack thinks for a minute and then throws her across the room. He runs to the hatch door and opens it. Water pours in. Juliet calls him and gets him to a safe spot. She then tells him about a yellow button. As he looks around for it, she hits him across the head. He falls into the water unconscious. She pulls heads out of the water.

Act 5:
Sawyer reaches through the cell bars for a rock. He grabs it and pulls it through the bars. He uses it to defeat the game. He says reward and reward A processed food fish comes out and water comes out of the pipe. It looks like pet food. As he begins to eat, Mr. Friendly leads Kate over to the cell that Carl had been in. She is crying. Mr. Friendly points out that it only took the bears two hours to figure out the "gizmo." He leaves. Sawyer asks Kate if she's okay. She meekly says that she is. He asks her if she's hungry and she nods. She puts out her hand and he throws her the fish. She starts to eat it and Sawyer smiles.

Jack wakes up in his cell. Juliet sits there. Jack observes that he's in an aquarium. She says that it was a long time ago. She says that she knows everything about him and rattles off some facts about him and even has his father's autopsy report. He asks if she knows about his ex-wife. She asks what he wants to know.

Flashback #5:
Jack is called. He stands up in his cell. He's told that someone posted his bail. Jack walks out of the holding cell to find Sarah. She tells him that she called a cab and walks out.

Flashback #5 Con't:
Sarah walks outside and Jack follows her out. He sees a man waiting by the car. He wants to know if that's "him." She says that it doesn't matter. He says that it does. She says it doesn't matter who he is, but rather who Jack is not. She tells him that his father was so drunk that she could hardly understand him when he called her to help Jack. She tells Jack that he should look on the bright side and that he has something to fix.

Juliet asks Jack what he wants to know. He wants to know if Sarah is happy. Juliet tells him that she is. Jack starts to cry. Juliet says that she wants to bring him some food and water, but that he has to behave. Jack nods. He moves to the back wall. Juliet is tearing up as well.

Juliet walks out of the room and Gale is there. He tells her, "good job." She says, "thank you, Ben."

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