The Characters

1. Benjamin Franklin Gates - Current member of the Gates family searching for the treasure described to his ancestor by Charles Carroll.

2. Abigail Chase - An archivist at the National Archives who first writes off Gates as a crackpot, but ends up getting swept up in the hunt.

3. Riley Poole - Gates' techie sidekick. He's not a history enthusiast like Ben and Abigail.

4. Ian Howe - A Brit, Howe finances Gates initial pursuit of the treasure. When he shows no regard for America's historical treasures and the laws protecting them, he and Ben part ways. He's the antagonist of the film.

5. Patrick Henry Gates - Ben's father, who originally looked for the treasure, but grew disillusioned and does not approve of Ben's continued obsession.

6. Agent Sandusky - FBI agent who pursues Ben. He has a unique interest since he's a Mason.

7. John Adams Gates - Ben's grandfather who recounts what Charles Carroll told their ancestor.