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July 2000-December 2000 Site News

December 2000

-Updated the Timelines in the History section.
-Modified navigation and organization of the timelines.

-Added a Southern Theatre category in the History section.
-Added a Continental Commanders of the Southern Department page under the Southern Theatre.
-Added a link to the Forum in the main Navigation Bar.

-Added the Siege of Charleston to Battles in the History section.

-There are no updates for today, but I wanted to post a list of pages that are in progress and incomplete. Some of these may appear very soon, while others may not be appear for a while:
-Continental Commanders of the Southern Department
-Bernardo de Galvez
-Oliver Pollock
-William Moultrie
-Battle of Fort Sullivan (First Battle of Charleston)

I will periodically list in-progress pages to show that there is 'action' behind the scenes, even when updates are not being posted.

-Added a Bloopers and Outtakes page under Film Analysis in the Film section. Made additions to the Trivia pages under Film Analysis in the Film section.

-Made additions to the Trivia and Deleted Scenes pages under Film Analysis in the Film section.

-Added a Trivia page under Film Analysis in the Film section.

-Made some updates to the Timelines page. Added a few dates.

-Added a new Southern Theatre Timeline to the Timelines section. I have not updated the other timelines yet to reflect the additions that carry over from the Southern Timeline.

-Added an Overview of West Florida (1779-1781) to the History section. It was part of a research project and so it made a nice addition.

-Added more material to the Overview of the Southern Campaign (1780-1781) and changed some of the navigation around to prepare for the addition of information from other aspects of Revolutionary War.

-Added the Resources section, which combined the old Links and Store pages with new material.

-Made additions concerning the specifics of the battle on the Battle of Cowpens page.
-Corrected the navigation and layout problems on all the Battles pages.
-Archived the November News.

November 2000

-Made several additions to the Fact or Fiction page.

-Made an addition to the Fact or Fiction page concerning the church burning.
-I have added ad banners to the site. I don't like the idea, but it takes time for me to put this site together and for me to continue to develop this site at this time, I have to have some return on it. I have tried to avoid using blaring, bright, blinking banners that are quite annoying.

-Added a page for Elijah Clarke in the History section.

-Added a Forum to the Site. It's very basic for now, but that will change if it proves to be popular.

-Updated the last deleted scene (The Heart of a Villain) under Film Analysis in the Film section.

-Updated the four more deleted scenes under Film Analysis in the Film section, leaving only The Heart of a Villain not updated.

-Made additions to the Fact or Fiction page under Film Analysis in the Film section.
-Updated the first deleted scene under Film Analysis in the Film section.

-Added a page for Thomas Sumter in the History section and added related links to the Links page.
-Made additions to Benjamin Martin on the Character pages.

-Added a page for the Battle of King's Mountain in the History section and added related links to the Links page.

-Made navigational changes to the Historic Figures pages in the History section. Archived old news.

-Made navigational changes to the Battles pages in the History section. Made additions to the Battle of Yorktown page.

-Made additions concerning Francis Marion to the Historic Figures, Links and Timelines pages.

October 2000

-Made additions and corrections to the Timelines page and Nathanael Greene's page. Added a Fact or Fiction page in the Film Analysis pages.

-Posted detailed descriptions of six deleted scenes on the Film Analysis page.

-Posted a breakdown and short review of the Special Edition DVD on the Store page.

-Added Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich and Robert Rodat to the Cast and Crew page.
-Made some navigation changes to the site.
-Made additions to the Battles page.

-Made additions to the Battle of Camden page.

-Added more sites to the links page.

-Made extensive additions to the Battle of Guilford Courthouse page.

-Made some behind-the-scenes changes to the code.
-Made additions to the Battle of Camden page.
-Made extensive additions to the Battle of Cowpens page.

-Made some behind-the-scenes changes to the code.

-Made additions to the Battle of Camden page.

September 2000

-Made additional comments on Chris Cooper's Cast page.

-Set up a comments form for suggestions about new content.

-After a week away from the site taking care of other matters (school), I've returned.
-Added more site information to the Webmaster page.

-Finished correcting those pages that could not be viewed properly in Internet Explorer 5.5.

-Added more links to the Links page.

-Made additions to the Historic Timeline.
-Corrected some typos on the Historic Figures pages.
-Made cosmetic changes to the site so that it should look better in Netscape browsers.

-Updated the Cast pages of Rene Auberjonois, Lisa Brenner, Tcheky Karyo, Joely Richardson, Leon Rippy and Tom Wilkinson.

-Updated the Cast pages of Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Chris Cooper and Jason Isaacs.

-The new version for 4.x Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers is up and ready. Any other browser will still see the same layout as before.
-Portrait pics have been added for the Historic Figures.

August 2000 News Archive

I'm still here. I am still busily working on a version of the site for 4.x browsers. I also have been reading through an early script of The Patriot dated from October 1998.

I made some style changes to the fonts. I am also busy creating an advanced version of the site.

The site is divided into two sections: one section for content related to the movie itself and a second section concerned with the history around which the movie was based. There are, of course, notes and comments on pages in each section that cross-reference to the other section.

I put together bios on the pages for Harry Lee, Daniel Morgan, Andrew Pickens and Banastre Tarleton. I added additional information to Francis Marion's bio page. I also put together short descriptions on the each of the battle pages.

All pages now have some content and I am now adding more detail to the current information.

After too many days away working on a web project that actually pays, I'm back with some updates. I've added more comments and some rewrites to the cast pages. Now there is material on each of the ten current character pages.Added even more comments to the character pages. Added dates and locations and movie references for the historic battles.

Added additional comments to the character pages. Corrected some grammatical errors in the History section.

Added short bios and comments to all the actors' pages currently listed in the Cast section, except Tcheky Karyo and Tom Wilkinson.

Added biographical information to the page of General Nathanael Greene in the History section.

July 2000

Added biographical information to the pages of General Cornwallis' and Francis Marion in the History section.

Added some additional comments to the character pages.

Moved the comments and announcements onto this News page. I also updated the main index and parts of the history section.

Added a few fast facts and comments to some of the Character pages, as well as long and short plot summaries for the movie. I also added a historic timeline.

I've finally finished moving and went to see The Patriot again last night. Unfortunately, I was too tired to fully appreciate the second viewing.

I now have several more pages up. There is little content yet, but I'm doing what I can. I'm moving this week so its been difficult to do what I have.

I now have the cast area online. There is more work to be done there, but I've got pics up for the main actors.

As you can see,I've decided on a basic layout. It's based on tables, so that older browsers can view the pages. I also plan on developing a layer-based version for newer browsers, but I want to put some content up before I do that. I've got several other pages started, but they aren't ready for posting just yet. I did want to post this version to show that I'm making progress.

I'm working on the layout and design for the website. I am currently planning on focusing on the historical figures that were the basis of the characters portrayed in the movie. I have been "laying a lot of the groundwork" in preparation for placing content on the site. I want this site to be well-designed and thorough, but that takes a bit of time and effort, so have some patience with me and keep checking back.

American Independence Day

Maybe I'm a sentimentalist, but I found that I was actually moved by watching 'The Patriot'. No, it didn't change my worldview, but it did help bring back some perspective. I had begun to forget the price paid by those Patriots to secure freedom, and the price that some still pay today to ensure my freedom.

I hope to develop this page into a site related to this movie and the period of history that was its backdrop. I haven't quite decided how exactly I will build this site, but I have some ideas.

My only comment at this time is to encourage you to see this movie. This movie is actually as much, if not more, about family and the sacrafices that are made. This movie is not Braveheart. The closest comparison to the character of William Wallace that I could make is to the character of Gabriel (Heath Ledger), Benjamin Martin's (Mel Gibson) son. This movie isn't perfect, but it had much more substance to it than most movies have nowadays. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement