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Hannah Montana 3D

From Walt Disney Home Entertainment:
It’s two times the talent as Miley Cyrus performs as herself and her pop star alter ego Hannah Montana for the first time ever in the same blockbuster show! Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds 3-D Concert pulls out all the stops, with awesome sets, unforgettable music and off-the-hook dancing choreographed by Kenny Ortega (“High School Musical” franchise, “Cheetah Girls 2”). First, Hannah Montana rules the stage like the “Rock Star” she is, then she turns over the mike to Miley Cyrus so she can “Start All Over.” A special performance by tween-tastic trio Jonas Brothers completes this ultimate concert experience.

Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds 3-D Concert is packed with bonus features that include a sing-along mode, awesome 3-D viewing capabilities, additional songs not seen in theaters, and the Ultimate Personal Tour that lets you hang out with Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers during the tour. It’s “as close as you’ll come to achieving the best of both worlds,” according to Elizabeth Weitzman of the New York Daily News!

Comments from The Patriot Resource:
Hannah Montana is the latest Disney pop creation. She's portrayed by Miley Cyrus, who is the daughter of country musician Billy Ray Cyrus. The Best of Both Worlds tour has Miley switching in and out of her Hannah Montana persona and includes the Disney boy band The Jonas Brothers. The music is good enough and there's nothing outrageous in the lyrics or presentation which should put parents at ease. Their children will be gleefully happy because there's more Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus to behold. We just hope that Billy Ray makes sure his daughter steers clear of the pitfalls that Disney's last pop princess, Britney Spears has encountered.

The DVD presentation includes sixteen songs from the concert with behind-the-scenes footage interspersed. It is often hard to make out what the actual lyrics are thanks to the sound mix being heavy on the squealing crowds of girls, but young fans already have all those lyrics memorized anyway. The DVD includes both 2D and 3D versions of the concert as well as the requisite 3D glasses. Don't expect to be blown away by the 3D, but the kids will be satified with the fun of watching with the glasses. The 2D disc also includes a behind-the-scenes featurette, additional songs and sing along capabilities.

Song Selections:
"Rock Star"
"Life's What You Make It"
"Just Like You"
"Nobody's Perfect"
"Pumpin' Up The Party"
"I Got Nerve"
"We Got The Party"
"When You Look Me In The Eyes"
"Year 3000"
"Start All Over"
"See You Again"
"Let's Dance"
"Right Here"
"I Miss You"
"Girls Night Out"
"The Best of Both Worlds"

DVD Details:
2-D Concert Presentation
3-D Concert Presentation
Backstage Disney: The Ultimate Personal Tour
Music and More: Additional Songs
Music and More: Sing Along with the Movie
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