The Patriot Resource TV Series

V: The Series Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: Liberation Day - The first anniversary of the day the aliens were defeated could lead to Earth's last day: alien commander Diana escapes and reunites with her fleet. The Starchild undergoes a strange metamorphosis.

Episode 2: Dreadnought - Diana talks peaces while readying the fearsome Triax superweapon that could reduce Los Angeles to rubble. Meanwhile, Resistance fighters activate a new weapon of their own: a captured Visitor mothership.

Episode 3: Breakout - Combatants held in a Visitor work camp face the flesh-consuming alien monster that guards the camp. Hunters of the 5-year old Starchild are unaware she has morphed into a fully-grown woman.

Episode 4: The Deception - Don't believe your eyes, Mike Donovan. The ideal life he awakens to one morning and the news that Earth has triumphed are par of an alien holographic ruse aimed at gathering information about the Starchild.

Episode 5: The Sanction - The top pupil at the Visitor Youth Corps is Mike's missing son Searn. Standing in the way of his rescue are a fearsome alien... and the boy's conflicted allegiance. meanwhile, the Starchild reunited with her mother.

Episode 6: Visitors' Choice - Tonight's entree: humans! But the humans who infiltrate a high-level Visitor conference about processing Earth's inhabitants for food are Resistors who aim to searve up a full-course banquet of destruction.

Episode 7: The Overlord - She speaks the truth, but not the whole truth. A citizen who rallies the Resistance to aid a downtrodden mining community has a dangerous secret agenda. Julie faces allegations of treason.

Episode 8: The Dissident - If you're in Los Angeles, you're there for keeps. An impenetrable Visitor force field could seal off all human traffic to and from the city if Resistors aren't successful in their attempts to destory the barrier.

Episode 9: Reflections in Terror - Diana creates a clone of elusive Starchild Elizabeth. But the new creation escapes and goes on a quest to find her true life force (Elizabeth) - with the Visitors' best tracker in pursuit.

Episode 10: The Conversion - Move over, Diana: there's a new head lizard in town. His first order of business: a mind-control gambit aimed at turning Ham Tyler into a secret assassin who will kill Mike Donovan on command.

Episode 11: The Hero - The Visitors increase their reign of terror, taking hostages and announcing that one each day will be killed until Donovan and others surrender. Robin falls for a heroic stranger who isn't all he seems to be.

Episode 12: The Betrayal - The Resistance kidnaps a Visitor doctor to tend to friendly alien Willie - but can the doctor be trusted? Robins discovers her new lover is an alien sent to impregnate her and create a second Starchild.

Episode 13: The Rescue - He could court-martial her. Better yet, he could court her. The alien commander decides that marrying Diana is the best way to solidify his power... but it's a love match that has him fatally outmatched.

Episode 14: The Champion - In the aftermath of a wedding night that left the alien commander dead, Diana and Lydia put on body armor and pick up laser weapons in preparation for a ritual battle to the death.

Episode 15: The Wildcats - Rivals become scheming allies when Diana and Lydia learn that if the commander's murderer isn't found, Visitor law requires that all suspects be buried with his. A street gang assists the Resistance.

Episode 16: The Littlest Dragon - Inside the big war are thousands of individual wars. The new alien commander, his bodyguard and Diana all have scores t settle in this episode that also involves the defection of an alien and his pregnant wife.

Episode 17: War of Illusions - He's a keyboard warrior! A teenaged computer nerd can hack into and disrupt the Visitors' sophisticated new Battlesphere system, but he insists that the Resistance first rescue his father from alien captivity.

Episode 18: Secret Underground - The mother of all celebrations is coming to the mothership - and Diana is using the ritual alien feast as a way to exact revenge. Also coming to the ship: Resistors Mide and Julie, posing as Visitor collaborators.

Episode 19: The Return - Peace is declared, but can it last? A key to the truce's success is the meeting between the alien Leader and Starchild Elizabeth. Another key: heading off the duplicitous maneuverings of bloodthirsty Diana!

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