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Wonder Woman

From Warner Home Video:
Wonder Woman begins on the mystical island of Themyscira, where a proud and fierce warrior race of Amazons resides. They have raised Princess Diana, a daughter of stunning beauty, extraordinary strength and incredible fighting prowess. Diana possesses a host of super human powers granted to her by the gods and goddesses of Olympus and her strength and stamina are unparalleled.

When Air Force fighter pilot Steve Trevor crash lands on the island, the rebellious and headstrong Diana defies Amazonian law by accompanying Trevor back to civilization. Meanwhile, Ares (the God of War) has escaped his imprisonment at the hands of the Amazons and has decided to exact his revenge by starting a world war that will destroy them all. It is up to Princess Diana to save her people and the world by using her gifts to become the ultimate Wonder Woman .

Wonder Woman Voice Cast List
Keri Russell
Nathan Fillion
Alfred Molina
Virginia Madsen
Rosario Dawson
Marg Helgenberger
Vicki Lewis
David McCallum
Oliver Platt
John DiMaggio
... Diana/Wonder Woman
... Steve Trevor
... Ares
... Hippolyta
... Artemis
... Hera
... Persephone
... Zeus
... Hades
... Deimos
Wonder Woman IMDB Listing

Comments from The Patriot Resource:
Wonder Woman is the third film and fourth title from DC Universe, a partnership between DC Comics and Warner Bros. The titles have been typified by solid casting, high production values and strong and slightly more mature (PG-13) storylines. Wonder Woman to a large degree is no exception. Once again, we were wowed by the animation and the scope of the film. We didn't find the animation hyperactive or overdone and even held up during the large action sequences.

As we now expect from DC Universe titles, Wonder Woman's story is rich and layered, although it does perhaps suffer at times because so much is crammed in. We did almost feel like the film could have been three episodes tied together with the origin story, Steve Trevor's arrival on Themyscira and then the battle with Ares due to the abrupt storytelling each time. Rough transitions aside, we enjoyed the story including the lengthy origin story. The ability to include more mature content is used well and not just for shock value with some bloodier battle scenes and mildly adult humor thanks to Trevor.

The weakest part of Wonder Woman was the voice cast or at least the performances. Though Nathan Fillion hit a home run as Steve Trevor, we weren't quite as impressed with Keri Russell as Diana although she did mostly hold her own with Fillion. Russell isn't someone that we'd expect to be play such a strong woman as Wonder Woman although her performance might appeared to suffer by comparison because of Fillion's charisma. Alfred Molina as Ares came across as far more static than we expected especially considering his performance as conflicted villain Doc Ock in Spiderman 2. Virginia Madsen's Hippolyta and Rosario Dawson's Artemis were disappointingly flat as well. In spite of the shortcomings of the voice acting, we enjoyed the film as another successful effort by DC Universe in producing titles that stay true to the comic book origins.

Wonder Woman DVD/Blu-ray Extras:
Single Disc DVD Edition:
Audio Commentary by DC Comics Vice President Gregory Noveck, Producer Bruce Timm, Writer Michael Jelenic and Director Lauren Montgomery
Green Lantern: A First Look at the Animated Feature Green Lantern [10:00] - Sneak Peek Featurette on the fifth DC Universe Original Title
From Graphic Novel to Original Animated Movie - Justice League: The New Frontier [10:00] - Behind-the-scenes Featurette on the second DC Universe Original Title
Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess [10:00] - Behind-the-scenes Featurette on the fourth DC Universe Original Title
Batman Gotham Knight: An Anime Evolution [10:00] - Behind-the-scenes Featurette on the third DC Universe Original Title
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2-Disc Special Edition DVD Edition:
All the above extras
Wonder Woman: A Subversive Dream [~25:00] - She is one of the pillars of DC Comics. The documentary examines why Wonder Woman is important in the grand scheme of the DC Super Heroes and how her raw strength and power helped define a new generation of empowered women, who realized that their gifts of intellect and strength were just as powerful as their male counterparts.
Wonder Woman: The Daughters of Myth [~25:00] - The documentary historically defines the meaning of the Amazons and how this links in with the evolution of the Wonder Woman character from comics to screen.
Bruce Timm's Top Picks [40:00] - Two Wonder Woman-centric Justice League/Justice League Unlimited episodes personally selected by producer Bruce Timm: "To Another Shore" and "Hawk and Dove"
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Blu-ray Edition:
All the above extras
Bruce Timm's Top Picks [40:00] - Two additional Wonder Woman-centric Justice League/Justice League Unlimited episodes personally selected by producer Bruce Timm: "Paradise Lost, Parts 1 & 2"
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