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Brisco County Jr
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Complete Series DVD Details:

- Audio Commentary on the pilot episode by Bruce Campbell and Carlton Cuse
- A Reading From the Book of Bruce
- The History of Brisco County: Behind-the-scenes featurette with Bruce Campbell (Brisco County, Jr.), Julius Carry (Lord Bowler), Christian Clemenson (Socrates Poole), Kelly Rutherford (Dixie Cousins) and the show's creator Carlton Cuse.
- Tools of the Trade: Interactive map with short featurettes narrated by Bruce Campbell about the gadgets and props used in the show
- Brisco's Book of Coming Things: Video catalog of the show's references to future items and ideas
- A Brisco Couny Writer's Room - A roundtable reunion/discussion with the key writer/producers Carlton Cuse, John Wirth, Brad Kern, Tom Chehak, David Simkins and John McNamara.
- Booklet Liner Notes by Bruce Campbell

DVD #1:
Pilot (2 hours)
Socrates' Sister
The Orb Scholar
DVD #2:
No Man's Land
Brisco in Jailsco
DVD #3:
Senior Spirit
Brisco for the Defense
Deep in the Heart of Dixie
DVD #4:
Crystal Hawks
Steel Horses
Mail Order Brides
AKA Kansas
DVD #5:
Bounty Hunter's Convention
Fountain of Youth
Hard Rock
Brooklyn Dodgers
DVD #6:
Bye Bly
Ned Zed
Wild Card
DVD #7:
And Baby Makes Three
Bad Luck Betty
High Treason, Part 1
High Treason, Part 2
DVD #8:
Special Features
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