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Cheyenne Season 1 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1 - "Mountain Fortress";
Teleplay: Don Martin; Screenplay: Alan LeMay & Winston Miller; Directed by Richard Bare; 9/20/55;
A stagecoach journey into danger. James Garner guests in a tale of robbers pretending to be Good Samaratians.

Episode 2 - "Julesburg"; Written by Charles Lang; Directed by Richard Bare; 10/11/55;
Cheyenne rides into the lawless town of Julesburg to aid honest settlers victimized by cattle rustlers.

Episode 3 - "The Argonauts";
Teleplay by D.D. Beauchamp; Novel by B. Traven; Directed by Richard Bare; 11/1/55;
Gold fever. A couple of hard-working prospectors are the best of friends... until they strike it rich.

Episode 4 - "Border Showdown";
Teleplay: Clark Reynolds & Dean Riesner; Story: Clark Reynolds; Director: Richard Bare; 11/22/55;
Cheyenne makes some new amigos when he aids a Mexican town caught in the grip of a viscious gang.

Episode 5 - "The Outlander";
Teleplay by R. Wright Campbell; Story by Douglas Heyes; Directed by Richard Bare; 12/13/55;
The lady and the cowboy. Cheyenne recognizes a judge's respectable wife as a former prostitute.

Episode 6 - "The Travelers"; Written by Kenneth Higgins; Screenplay by Walter Doniger & S. Lewis Meltzer; Story by Walter Doniger; Directed by Richard Bare; 1/3/56;
They have the rope, the tree and the man who's going to swing. Cheyenne stands up against a mob.

Episode 7 - "Decision"; Writer: Dean Riesner; Story: Roy Huggins; Director: Richard Bare; 1/24/56;
Cool, cool water. A cowardly major decides to traverse the burning desert to avoid an Indian war party.

Episode 8 - "The Storm Riders";
Written by R. Wright Campbell & Dean Riesner; Directed by Richard Bare; 2/7/56;
It takes a big man to fight big corruption. Cheyenne unites ranchers to defy a crooked land baron.

Episode 9 - "Rendezvous at Red Rock";
Written by D.D. Beauchamp; Story by Douglas Heyes; Directed by Richard Bare; 2/21/56;
Angry citizens seize Cheyenne on a murder charg. Then rescue comes from an unexpected source: the real killer.

Episode 10 - "West of the River";
Written by Kenny Higgins; Screenplay by James Webb; Directed by Richard Bare; 3/10/56;
A rancher's daughters are captured by the Kiowas. Five years later, he wants them back and can't believe they many not want to return.

Episode 11 - "Quicksand"; Written by Dean Riesner & N.B. Stone; Story by Roy Huggins & N.B. Stone; Directed by Leslie Martinson; 4/3/56;
To save a party of settlers from Comanches, Cheyenne challenges the chief to a contest of courage - in quicksand.

Episode 12 - "Fury at Rio Hondo"; Written by James Gunn; Directed by Richard Bare; 4/17/56;
In a Mexico wracked by political unrest, Cheyenne tangles with revolutionaries, a con man and a blonde pickpocket.

Episode 13 - "Star in the Dust";
Written by Roy Huggins; Story by Douglas Heyes & Roy Huggins; Directed by Richard Bare; 5/1/56;
Another dusty town, and another sheriff who wants Cheyenne to move along... until he needs the big cowboy's help.

Episode 14 - "Johnny Bravo";
Written by Dean Riesner; Story by Roy Huggins & Dean Riesner; Directed by Richard Bare; 5/15/56;
Romeo and Juliet out West. An anti-Mexican rancher doesn't know his daughter loves a hired hand from south of the border.

Episode 15-"The Last Train West";
Written by Jack DeWitt & Howard Browne; Directed by Richard Bare; 5/29/56;
The train to California carries some mighty interesting passengers, including Cheyenne and his...wife?!

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