Site Purpose:

After struggling over whether I should put together a section on this tragedy, I decided to go ahead and do so for the following reasons:

1. On September 11th, my daughter was eight months old. She obviously won't remember this event, but her life will be affected by the attacks. I want her and others to have a detailed resource that is unsensational and will remain intact long after the immediacy of the day passes. Even if this site is discontinued and disappears in the future for any reason (which I hope never happens), she will have the information that I document here.

2. These terrorist attacks will have some effect on what we as Americans consider liberties. How the Federal Government reacts to this event will determine how severly our freedoms will be impacted. I started this site after I saw that patriotism was out of style in the reaction to The Patriot. The events of September 11, 2001 have since made patriotism popular again, but they also will have long-term effects on freedom and liberty. Even if the government steers clear of Big Brother solutions, many people will often carry worry in the back of their mind from now on.

The site will not attempt to carry up-to-the-minute information, but will purposely lag behind the breaking news and allow information to settle out and avoid unsubstantiated information. The site will also not carry sensational pictures and imagery. The site is meant to be around long after the news organizations cut back on their coverage.

NOTE ABOUT THE ADVERTISING: Yes, the site carries advertising and other commercial material. This site is a personal project that takes time. In order to continue with this site, compromise had to be made to include advertising.

Unlike other sites, will not lie and claim that the site is completely altruistic or ask for "donations to help maintain the site" while including advertising and referral links. Admittedly, some disapprove of advertising and feel that the site is capitalizing on a tragedy. Because of that opinion, some will likely protest. Their position and opinions are respected and it is hoped that they also understand the site's position and decision.