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1/9/08 - A Slave No More by David W. Blight | November 2007 |
Slave narratives are extremely rare. Now two newly uncovered narratives, and the biographies of the men who wrote them, join that exclusive group with the publication of A Slave No More, a major new addition to the canon of American history. Wallace Turnage was a teenage field hand on an Alabama plantation, John Washington an urban slave in Virginia.
A Slave No More

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5/19/07 - Old Ninety Six: History & Guide by Robert Dunkerly/Eric Williams | April 2006 |
Few locations in South Carolina have figured as prominently in the early history of the state as the old town of Ninety Six. It was witness to two Revolutionary War battles, two Cherokee War battles, a trading post, three forts and two towns.
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Old Ninety Six
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5/19/07 - Now in Paperback: New Jersey in the American Revolution Barbara Mitnick |
Barbara J. Mitnick has edited a remarkably comprehensive anthology, bringing new life to the rich and turbulent late eighteenth-century period in New Jersey. The volume brings together contributions by twelve outstanding and recognized experts on New Jersey history.
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NJ in the American Revolution
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