The Patriot Resource - American Revolution

Books that survey the entire American Revolution:

Encyclopedia of the American Revolution
by Michael Boatner; 1966; Book Review by Wembaster

The Spirit of 'Seventy-Six: The Story of the American Revolution As Told by Participants
by Henry Steele Commager (Editor), Richard B. Morris (Editor); April 1958 (Reprint)

Patriots of the American Revolution : True Accounts by Great Americans, from Ethan Allen to George Rogers Clark
by Richard M. Dorson (editor); December 1998;

Partisans and Redcoats: The Southern Conflict that Turned the Tide of the American Revolution
by Walter B. Edgar; October 2001;

Redcoats and Rebels
by Christopher Hibbert; Book Review by Wembaster

Dates of the American Revolution
by Harry J. Karapalides; 1998; Book Review by Webmaster

From Savannah to Yorktown: The American Revolution in the South
by Henry Lumpkin; April 2000;

Rebels and Redcoats
by George F. Scheer, Hugh F. Rankin; 1988 (Reprint)

A Short History of the American Revolution
by James L. Stokesbury; January 1993 (Reprint)

The Voices of 1776: The Story of the American Revolution in the Words of Those Who Were There
by Richard Wheeler (Editor), Bruce Catton; 1972; 22 Sample Pages Available on

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