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The American Revolution at

American Revolution: Class Project from Coakley Middle School

American Revolution Notes - An outline

The Coming of Independence -

Expédition Particulière - French Expeditionary Force

From Revolution to Reconstruction: The American Revolution

The History Place: American Revolution

H-net Online: American Revolution - Scholarly website

A Journey Towards Freedom: A ThinkQuest Project

Liberty Online

Library of Congress - Archive of historic documents dating back to the Continental Congress.

Liberty: The American Revolution - PBS companion site to the series

Ragz International: The American Revolution

RevList - Revolutionary War mailing list

A Revolutionary Webquest: A ThinkQuest Project American Revolution & Founding Era Articles

U.S. Army's Center for Military History

The World Turned Upside Down
- Author Richard Ferrie's website

WWW-Virtual Library History Central Catalogue - University of Kansas

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