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Galactica: 1980 Character List

Commander Adama (Lorne Greene): Commander of the Galactica and the leader of the surviving fleet.

Colonel Boomer (Herbert Jefferson Jr.): Now second-in-command to Adama.

Captain Troy (Kent McCord): Adama's grandson, Boxey, is all grown up and goes by his given name.

Lieutenant Dillon (Barry Van Dyke): Troy's friend and wingman.

Jamie Hamilton (Robyn Douglass): An Earth reporter, who has learned about Galactica and helps Troy and Dillon.

Dr. Zee (Robbie Rist/Patrick Stuart): A teenage genius who led Galactica to Earth.

Colonel Sydell (Allen Miller): U.S. Air Force officer who is after Troy and Dillon.

Xavier (Richard Lynch/Jeremy Brett): One of the Council of Twelve who decides to bring technology to Earth's past.

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