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Several things I'm sure you all know

Posted by Mike on June 29, 2001 at 08:52:17:

How many of you have looked up the history of "The Patriot" himself? If you had, you would have learnt that he was an abusive alcoholic psychopath who hunted his black slaves for sport - and this is all documented historical fact.
Similarly, the burning of the church was actually an atrocity committed by the Nazis in WWII - also, as far as I know the British Army did not stand confused in the middle of the road while an old man and two boys took out a whole company of Grenadier Gaurds. Also the "happy, massa-on-de-ole-plantation" slaves in the film would remain so a long time, America giving up slavery a hundred years after the rest of the world and keeping racial segretation well into the 1960's.

But why tell the truth when you can ruin the reputation of the greatest empire in the history, and just dump all the atrocities you can find at the door of the "evil" British king? Speaking of that, where were the scenes of the "evil" British dropping an Atomic bomb on an innocent city, or the part where the British repeatedly bombed Arab nations for no particular reason? Oh wait, that wasn't the British, was it? It was you. Never mind, I'm sure you'll be able to make a film blaming us for the death of Christ if you work hard enough at it. Go Hollywood!

Mike Beaton
London, UK

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