The Patriot Resource - Lost

Brian Porter

Husband of Susan
Adoptive Father of Walt

Portrayed by: David Starzyk

Appears in:
1.14 - "Special"

Brian was Susan's boss at an international law practice. He later married her. He also then adopted Walt. While living in Australia, Susan suddenly became ill. In fact, the day that Susan first felt ill, Walt was trying to get their attention when they were all interrupted by a dead bird landing on the deck right outside. Brian appeared to believe that Walt had something to do with it. Susan died shortly after.

Brian showed up in New York and begged Michael to come get his son. He said that he had adopted Walt only at Susan's request. Now that Susan was gone, he wasn't handling things well and could not be Walt's father. He gave Michael plane tickets and money and pleaded with Michael to go get Walt, hinting that Walt was "special."

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