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Carmen Reyes

Mother of Hurley

Portrayed by: Lillian Hurst

Appears in:
1.18 - "Numbers"
2.4 - "Everybody Hates Hugo"

1.18 ("Numbers"):
Hurley was living with his mother, spending his weekends at home. She tried to encourage him to go out, socialize and find a wife. It was one of those weekends at home that Hurley watched the lottery numbers be announced. Carmen was there at the press conference that Hurley appeared to the media and announced his plans for his winnings. Later, Hurley is driving her in his new Hummer and she tells him not to talk badly about other members of their family. She also appears to be a woman of strong Catholic faith because when Hurley starts talking about hs lottery winnings must be cursed.

Hurley makes her put a blindfold on because he has a surprise for her. He helps her out of the vehicle and tells her to take the blindfold off so she can see his surpise (a new house). She does so, but twists her ankle on the curb before she sees the house. When she does see the house, she notices smoke. Hurley sees it, grabs his cell phone and begins to dial 911. The police suddenly appear, guns drawn, and begin to arrest Hurley. Carmen sits there, rubbing her ankle, as all this goes on.

2.4 ("Everybody Hates Hugo"):
Carmen tells Hurley that he needs to change his life. He goes to work and then goes home. Hurley says that he might not want to change his life, though.

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