The Patriot Resource - Lost


Portrayed by: DJ Qualls

Appears in:
2.4 - "Everybody Hates Hugo"

2.4 ("Everybody Hates Hugo"):
Johnny works with Hurley at Mr. Cluck's. After Hurley quits, Johnny quits as well. They use their newfound day off to enjoy themselves. Johnny and Hurley go to the local music store where Johnny disses Driveshaft. He then witnesses Hurley have the courage to finally ask Starla out. Later that evening, the two of them steal lawn gnomes and set them up in Randy's yard to spell out 'cluck you'.When they go to get some beer at the local convenience store, Johnny sees a television news crew. Hurley wants them to go somewhere else, but Johnny is curious. He finds out that someone bought the winning ticket. Suddenly, the convenience store clerk, who is doing an interview, spots Hurley and recognizes him as the winner. Johnny watches the crowd father around Hurley with a curious expression on his face.

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