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Biological father of John Locke

Portrayed by: Kevin Tighe

Appears in:
1.19 - "Deus Ex Machina"
2.3 - "Orientation"

1.19 ("Deus Ex Machina"):
Cooper set up a lengthy scenario in which Locke's. mother, Emily, approached Locke, which led him to Cooper. Cooper appeared to befriend Locke with hunting trips until Locke sees Cooper receiving dialysis. Locke offers to give Cooper one of his kidneys. Cooper checks out of the hospital before Locke is conscious. Cooper then breaks off contact with Locke.

2.3 ("Orientation"):
Cooper has moved to a new house, but Locke continues to sit outside his new house. Cooper comes out one day, climbs in Locke's car and asks what Locke wants. Locke would like to know why. Cooper says that there is no why. Cooper tells him that there is no why. He needed a kidney and got Locke's. He tells Locke that he is not wanted and leaves.

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