The Patriot Resource - Lost

Essam Tasir

Portrayed by: Donnie Keshawarz

Appears in:
1.21 - "The Greater Good"

Essam is a boyhood friend of Sayid's. While in England, Sayid is detained and asked to befriend Essam in order to infiltrate a terrorist cell in exchange for information about the location of Nadia. Essam is in Australia, so Sayid goes to Australia and hooks up with his boyhood friend. Because of his previous background in the Iraqi Republican Guard, Sayid is brought into the cell, which is planning a truck bombing in Sydney. When Essam is waivering about following through with the bombing, Sayid bucks him up with some religious encouragement that Sayid himself doubts. After they pick up the truck, Sayid tells him that he is working with the authories. Essam is incredulous. He asks Sayid why and Sayid tells him about Nadia. Essam tells him that he's as bad as the corrupt Westerners. Essam then shoots himself in the head in front of Sayid.

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