The Patriot Resource - Lost


Portrayed by: Andrea Gabriel

Appears in:
1.9 - "Solitary"

Nadia is arrested by the Iraqi Republican Guard for subversive activity. Sayid's superior, Omar, assigns her to Sayid for interrogation. He pleads with her to give up information about her associates, but she refuses. Instead, she interrogates him about why he's become a member of the Republican Guard. They seem to have known of each other personally before this. Finally, Omar tells Sayid that time has run out. She hasn't produced any information, so she must be executed. Sayid pleads with her to give up something. She stays with her principles, so Sayid comes up with a plan for her escape. Sometime after Nadia's escape, Sayid left Iraq and crossed the globe trying to find her. He ended up in Australia reluctantly doing the CIA's bidding in exchange for information on her whereabouts.

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