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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: Whatever Happened, Happened
Episode Number: 511
Written by: Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof
Directed by: Bobby Roth
Original US Air Date: 4/1/09 on ABC

Act 1:
Flashback #2:
Cassidy leafs through an envelope full of money. Cassidy is harsh about Sawyer's memory. She can't believe that Sawyer sent that money. Kate answers that he asked her to take care of Clementine. Cassidy wants to know why Sawyer didn't come himself. Kate said that Sawyer jumped to save the rest of them. Cassidy said that he was running away. She then asks if Aaron is Sawyer's. Kate tells her lie, but Cassidy knows she's lying. Kate had told her about the rest of the lie, but didn't tell the truth about Aaron

Sawyer looks at the surveillance videos

Kate walks up to Sawyer and points out that it was Ben that was shot. She wants to know if Sayid shot him. Sawyer tells her to keep her mouth shut and to get out. Just then, Horace, Phil and Miles walk in. Kate leaves. Horace wants to know if Sawyer checked the cell yet. Sawyer says he hadn't

The four of them check the cell and find the keys still in the door. Horace points out that they have only three janitors: Roger, Jack and someone else. Sawyer leaves to go talk to them. He asks Miles to go with him

Outside, he tells Miles to put Kate, Jack and Hurley under house arrest so no one else talks to them

Sawyer runs into Roger outside the infirmary. They talk for a moment and then Sawyer asks if Roger has his keys and Roger doesn't

Inside the infirmary, Juliet and the nurse work on young Ben. Sawyer finds out that the doctor won't be back until Friday. Juliet says that she can't stop the bleeding. Sawyer leaves

Miles has Jack, Kate and Hurley together in a house. Jack can't believe that they are under house arrest. Miles says that they can leave, but he'll shoot them in the leg. He then tells Jack that it was Sawyer's idea. Kate tries to defend Sawyer. Hurley is staring at his hands, wondering if he'll start to disappear like in Back to the Future. Miles says that it doesn't work like that and because Ben is alive, then young Ben must live too. Their metaphysical discussion is interrupted by Sawyer, who wants Jack to come help to stem young Ben's bleeding. Jack refuses even if it means that young Ben dies.

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