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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: Whatever Happened, Happened
Episode Number: 511
Written by: Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof
Directed by: Bobby Roth
Original US Air Date: 4/1/09 on ABC

Act 2:
Kate watches from the windows as Sawyer walks up to Roger Linus outside the infirmary

Kate turns around and wants to know what Jack is doing. Jack says that he's doing what Miles said and that they can't change anything. Jack points out that he already operated on Ben once because Kate asked him to. Kate wonders if Jack was supposed to save him. Jack says that he's not going to try to fix things anymore. Kate says that she doesn't like the new Jack. Jack says that she didn't like the old Jack. Kate walks off

Kate walks out the door as Miles feebly calls after him

Young Ben wakes up. Juliet comforts him

The nurse walks in and says one of the new people has come to donate blood. It turns out to be Kate

Kate and Juliet talk as she preps for the transfusion. Kate makes a comment about Jack, which prompts Juliet to ask what happened off-Island. Kate says that they were engaged. Just then, Roger bursts in. Juliet tries to ask him to leave, but he doesn't want to. Kate offers that Roger can stay with her. Roger and Kate talk. Roger knows that Ben took his keys to "bust" Sayid out. Kate finds out that Ben's mother died at childbirth. Roger is remorseful for his behavior somewhat

Just then, young Ben starts struggling

Hurley and Miles talk about time. Miles says that time isn't linear except for them. He says that any of them can die because it is their present. Hurley counters that when Ben was captured and tortured by Sayid, why didn't he remember being shot by Sayid as a boy. Miles is speechless. He says that he hadn't thought of that

Juliet walks out of the infirmary and talks to Roger. She says that Ben is calm. Roger leaves

Roger walks by Kate, who was sitting on the steps. Kate walks over to Juliet. Juliet admits that she can't save Ben. Kate suggests the sub, but Juliet says that it's too far. Just then, Juliet gets a look on her face. Kate wants to know what she's thinking and Juliet says that there might be something that the "Others" can do.

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