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Lost: The Complete First Season DVD Details
Easter Eggs:

1. French Transmission: Select "Episodes" from the Disc 2 Main Menu. Highlight "Main Menu," press left once and then hit enter to hear the French transmission iterations 17294531-17294535.

2. Falling Smuggler Airplane: Allow the Disc 6 Main Menu to loop several times and the airplane will fall.

3. Alternate Title Sequence: On the Disc 7 Main Menu, highlight 'Tales from the Island", press left twice which will highlight "Disc 7" and then press enter for an alternate title sequence.

4. Locke and the Orange: Select "Tales from the Island" from the Disc 7 Main Menu, press left twice and then hit enter for two takes of Locke and the Orange.

5. "The Climb" Alternate Version: Select "Lost Revealed" from the Disc 7 Main Menu, and then select "Deleted Scenes." Highlight "The Climb", press left three times and then hit enter for a funny alternate version of "The Climb"

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