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Lost: The Complete Third Season DVD Details
Disc 7 - The Unexplored Experience:

Surveillance Room (MENU):
  • The Cage (MENU)
    • “The Lost Book Club” (8:10) - Learn about the role of literature in the story of Lost in this exploration of the books featured in the series. The show's producers and cast reflect on the books highlighted in the series, and what they mean to the world of Lost.
    • "Cast In Clay: Creating the Toys of Tood McFarlane" (5:00) -
    • "The Next Level: Inside the Video Game" (4:00) - Lost video game development
  • The Hallway (MENU):
    • Lost: On Location (MENU)
      • The Glass Ballerina (4:45) - Jin confronts Jae Lee.
      • Every Man For Himself (6:50) - Sawyer is in prison, gets beat up in the cage and on the table.
      • Not In Portland (7:00) - Ben is on the operating table. Kate and Sawyer make a run for it. Kate, Sawyer and Alex rescue Karl.
      • Flashes Before Your Eyes (7:35) - Desmond's flashbacks
      • Tricia Tanaka Is Dead (4:30) - the Dharma van
      • The Man From Tallahassee (4:35) - Locke's fall; the submarine
      • Exposé (4:55) - Paulo and Nikki are inserted into the crash.
      • The Man Behind the Curtain (5:00) - the Dharma Initiative
      • Greatest Hits (6:15) - Charlie's fate
      • Through the Looking Glass (6:00) - the season finale
    • "Crew Tribute with Evaneline Lilly" (7:15)
    • "Lost in a Day" (25:30) - Cameras follow each part of the Lost machine to cover a day's work on the series. Spanning seven episodes, from Hawaii to California, and from the writers' room and the sound studio to the production office and the Hawaii set, you'll be amazed to see everything this show accomplishes day in and day out.
    • Easter Egg: Dharma brainwashing Video (3:00)
  • The Hatch Computer (MENU):
    • "The World of the Others" (14:00) - Featuring interviews with the producers and the cast, The World of the Others explores the crucial role of"The Others" in season 3 and what the world of Lost holds for these characters in the future.
    • "Terry O'Quinn: Throwing From the Handle" (1:40) - Knife Throwing
    • Blooper Reel (6:35)
    • Easter Egg: Machete attack make-up (3:10)
  • The Radio (MENU):
    • The Lost Flashbacks (MENU)
      • Further Instructions: Locke Escapes (1:25)
      • The Glass Ballerina: Funeral Scene (:35)
      • Exposé: "People Can Change" (3:30)
    • Deleted Scenes (MENU)
      • A Tale of Two Cities: Doctor to the Rescue (2:35)
      • Further Instructions: Introducing Nikki & Paulo (1:25)
      • Further Instructions: Sex Talk (1:55)
      • I Do: Breaking Rocks (1:40)
      • I Do: Alex & Daddy (2:35)
      • Flashes Before Your Eyes: Super Powers, Dude (1:40)
      • Tricia Tanaka Is Dead: Charlie Carries On (1:30)
      • Tricia Tanaka Is Dead: Changing Our Luck (2:35)
      • The Man Behind the Curtain: The Journey to Jacob's Place (1:00)
      • Easter Egg: Rodrigo dives by the waterfall (1:30)
      • Easter Egg: Jack Bender's adopted dog Lulu (1:45)
    • Sneak Peek for 4th Season (:30)
    • The Orchid Instructional Film (2:00)
    • Easter Egg: Spider wranglers (1:45)

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