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Terry Brooks:
Wondrous Worlds of Terry Brooks - Official Site. "Under Construction."
Terry Brooks Experience - Large site. Bibliography, biography, synopses, interviews, news and location similarities of each series with Earth.

David Eddings:
The Eddings Chronicles - Well organized site with book synopses, a lengthy character list, humor, a couple maps, puzzles and forums.

Terry Goodkind
Prophets Inc. - Official Site. Biography, news, forums and fan fiction.

Robert Jordan:
The Wheel of Time - Official Site. Biography and appearance schedule.
Blacktower.net - Character lists broken down alphabetically or by group.
The Menagerie - Another character listing site. There are so many to list that maybe the two site will have covered almost all of them.
Stone Dog's WOT Page - Essays, dream movie cast list and forums.
The Wheel of Time Index v2.1 - Link resource site.
The Wheel of Time Novice Page - Good spoiler-free primer for the books.
WheelofTime.org - A community with extensive roleplaying.

C.S. Lewis:
C.S. Lewis Chronicles - Biographical information about various aspects of Lewis' life and analysis of the influences behind Narnia.
Into the Wardrobe - Less scholarly and more broadly based information than the site above.

H.P. Lovecraft:
The H.P. Lovecraft Archive - Biography, bibliography, a glossary concerning settings and creations of his fiction and extensive lists and links to other resources.

Anne McCaffrey:
The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey - Official Site. Biography, bibliography, book synopses, news on adaptations and a photo album of sorts.
Anne McCaffrey's Pern - Publisher's Official Site. Pretty commercial, although there are a couple of background articles to be found.
alt.fan.pern - FAQ and other information on the newsgroup.
Introduction to Pern - This single page serves as a nice prologue to reading the Pern series with spoiler-free background information on Pern.
Sariel's Website - One extensive section dedicated to Pern and another with limited information on McCaffrey's other works.

Michael Moorcock:
The Multiverse - Endorsed by Michael Moorcock. Large site which uses the Multiverse theme for what is confusing site navigation, The site has eternal champion profiles and artwork, as well as chat, message forums, and other links. It also contains info about Moorcock's musical pursuits.
Sweet Despise - Simple site with a biography, bibliography and a guide to Moorcock's works and recurring characters.

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