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William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

No list of literature can go without mentioning The Bard himself, William Shakespeare. When first reading his works, the language is difficult, but after a couple of plays (and perhaps the help of a dictionary) the vocabulary becomes familiar and the plays can be fully enjoyed. Every play is full of wit, irony and comedy, even in his tragedies. Perhaps, given time, this page will include individual reviews of many of his plays.

King Lear features the King's Fool, who is perhaps the most perceptive character in the play and has a wonderful ironic wit. Hamlet has the title character throwing out some really good Old English insults and is full of mad raving orations that like King Lear's Fool are very perceptive. Macbeth has witches, curses, a motherless son, a mobile forest and prophesies. Othello loos at what havoc jealous can wreak. A Midsummer Night's Dream was full of whimsy and a rare happy ending for all characters.

Absolut Paradigm

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