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Page #1:
Isaac Asimov
   Foundation Series
   I, Robot
   Robot Series
Page #2:
Alfred Bester
   The Demolished Man
   The Stars, My Destination
Page #3:
Ray Bradbury
   Fahrenheit 451
   The Illustrated Man
   The Martian Chronicles
Page #4:
Orson Scott Card
   Ender's Game
   Speaker for the Dead
Page #5:
Arthur C. Clarke
   Childhoods End
   Rendezvous with Rama
Page #6:
Philip K. Dick
   Do Androids Dream
      of Electric Sheep
Page #7:
William Gibson
Page #8:
Frank Herbert
   The Dune Chronicles
Page #9:
George Orwell

Compared to my Fantasy Books section, this section will have far more selections. I find that I enjoy a much more varied stock of science fiction than fantasy.

Absolut Paradigm

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