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Tom Wilkinson
Character Portrayed in The Patriot: Charles Cornwallis

Born: December 12, 1948; Leeds, England

Notable Awards and Nominations:
Academy Awards:
- 2002 Best Actor Nomination for In The Bedroom
British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTA):
- 1998 Best Supporting Actor Award for The Full Monty
- 1999 Best Supporting Actor Nom. for Shakespeare in Love
- 2002 Best Actor Nomination for In The Bedroom

Tom Wilkinson's General Charles Cornwallis is the overall enemy of Benjamin Martin, although his 'henchman' Colonel William Tavington is the true villain of the film.

1. Tom Wilkinson Bio
2. Tom Wilkinson Filmography
3. Tom Wilkinson's Performance in The Patriot
4. Charles Cornwallis
5. Resources: Film Links

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