The Patriot Resource TV Series

Legend of the Seeker

Episode 1: Prophecy; 11/1/08
Richard Cypher meets the mysterious Confessor when he saves her life. Not that she's grateful. Then he learns of his powers. Not that he's grateful---until his father is murdered.

Episode 2: Destiny; 11/1/08
Rehl's henchman has the Book of Counted Shadows, but he must get it back across the impenetrable Boundary for it to do Rehl any good, and Richard, Zedd and the Confesssor are hot on his trail. Meanwhile, Rehl gets a new ally, Richard's brother Michael, the Councillor.

Episode 3: Bounty; 11/8/08
An evil cartographer sells magical maps that allow bounty hunters and henchman to keep track of Richard.

Episode 4: Brennidon; 11/15/08
Richard travels to Brennidon, the village of his birth, and finds that the D'Harans have assumed control. He also discovers a secret from his past.

Episode 5: Listener; 11/22/08
Richard and Kahlan rescue a young mind reader who discerns that they have romantic feelings for each other.

Episode 6: Elixir; 11/29/08
Zedd is captured by an evil wizard he once mentored while he, Richard and Kahlan are tracking down peddlers of illicit potions.

Episode 7: Identity; 12/6/08
After seeing visions of the Seeker's death, a sorceress named Shota temporarily swaps Richard's identity with that of a merchant's son.

Episode 8: Denna; 1/10/09
When Kahlan's feelings for Richard begin to compromise her mission, she searches for another Confessor to guide the Seeker. Meanwhile, Richard and Zedd are attacked by D'Haran soldiers and a Mord'Sith named Denna.

Episode 9: Puppeteer; 1/17/09
Zedd uses magic to outsmart Darken Rahl to keep the third and final Box of Orden out of his hands. And Richard and Kahlan learn that Darken Rahl intends to personally retrieve it from the queen.

Episode 10: Sacrifice; 1/24/09
Kahlan disguises herself as a Mord-Sith to rescue her pregnant sister Dennee, a fellow confessor, from a D'Haran prison. Later, when Dennee's son is born, Richard is horrified to learn that male offspring of confessors must be put to death.

Episode 11: Confession; 1/31/09
As Richard and Kahlen investigate a series of murders among members of the resistance, she begins to doubt her ability as a confessor because she thinks she's responsible for the execution of an innocent man. Meanwhile, Zedd seeks out a relative as he tries to find a safe hiding place for the Box of Orden.

Episode 12: Home; 2/21/09
Darken Rahl has his wizard cast a spell on Richard to get him to spill the beans on the final Box of Orden. So it's up to Kahlan and Zedd to break the spell before Richard spills.

Episode 13: Revenant; 2/28/09
Richard, Kahlan and Zedd's quest to hide the Box of Orden from Darken Rahl leads to the Crypt of Tavol'Rang---the burial place of the legendary Seeker, Kieran. But the sarcophagus is empty, and Richard and Kahlan soon learn that a deception from the past could cost them their future.

Episode 14: Hartland; 3/7/09
After Richard and Kahlen reunite with Chase, whose family has gone missing, the three travel back to Hartland, where they discover that things aren't what they seem.

Episode 15: Conversion; 3/14/09
While attempting to rescue his friends from evil experiments conducted by Darken Rahl's wizard, Richard encounters Darken Rahl for the first time.

Episode 16: Bloodline; 3/21/09
While trying to keep Box of Orden out of Darken Rahl's hands, Richard learns something new about his ties to Zedd.

Episode 17: Deception; 3/28/09
Richard goes undercover and infiltrates a D'Haran camp to save innocent lives after he and Kahlan discover that Darken Rahl has been using dark magic to fight the resistance.

Episode 18: Mirror; 4/25/09
Thieves disguise themselves as Richard and Kahlan to rob townsfolk, then steal the Sword of Truth so they can sell it to the D'Harans. Meanwhile, the real Richard and Kahlen are being held by D'Haran soldiers.

Episode 19: Cursed; 5/2/09
King Gregor persuades Shota the sorcerer to transform him into a vicious beast at sundown each day so he can protect his realm from the D'Harans. But that viciousness takes an unintended---and tragic---turn, leading to a dilemma for Richard.

Episode 20: Sanctuary; 5/9/09
Richard, Kahlan and Zedd race to find a duplicate copy of the Book of Counted Shadows before Darken Rahl gets his hands on it.

Episode 21: Fever; 5/16/09
Darken Rahl captures Richard's sister Jennsen and poisons her mind against her brother. Meanwhile, Richard, Kahlan and Zedd aid villagers after Rahl unleashes a plague on them.

Episode 22: Reckoning; 5/23/09
Richard's plan to kill Darken Rahl goes awry, leaving Kahlan in Rahl's bedchamber and Richard grappling with the Mord'Sith Cara in the future. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.