Remarks by the President in Photo Opportunity
Navigation Deck
USS Abraham Lincoln
At Sea Off the Coast of San Diego, California
May 1, 2003
2:10 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: (In progress) - No, it was not me.

QUESTION: -- land it?

THE PRESIDENT: Not my first time on a carrier.

QUESTION: How was your --

THE PRESIDENT: Really exciting. I miss flying, I can tell you that. This is a formal press conference that you're now conducting. This counts.

QUESTION: Not when we're dressed like this, it doesn't. (Laughter.)

THE PRESDIENT: That's right.

QUESTION: Mr. President, when you were flying the plane, what did you do? Did you steer it?

THE PRESIDENT: Just steer it.

QUESTION: Did you go straight, or did you turn it?


QUESTION: How did you do, did you waiver?

THE PRESIDENT: Ask the pilot.

QUESTION: He won't tell.

QUESTION: How does it compare to the jets you used to fly?


QUESTION: How does that compare to the jets you used to fly?

THE PRESIDENT: Much more sophisticated.

QUESTION: What's it been like here on the ship?


QUESTION: What have you been doing on the ship?

THE PRESIDENT: I've mainly been talking to the troops.

NAVAL OFFICER: Here they come, sir.

(Squadron fly over.)

THE PRESIDENT: The press conference is over.

END 2:15 P.M. EDT