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Old Ninety-Six
Old Ninety Six:
A History and Guide

by Robert M. Dunkerly and Eric K. Williams
Published by History Press
April 2006

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Old Ninety Six is a well-researched book concerning the colonial crossroads location of Ninety Six. Admittedly, this book will be of greatest interest to those concerned with the history of the Southern Department or South Carolina regional history in the American Revolution. However, Ninety Six was the location of the longest siege of the American Revolutionary War and involved Continental Army Major General Nathanael Greene, so it bears some national prominence.

The first part of Old Ninety Six gives background history on the area including the reputed origin of the Ninety Six's name. The majority of the book is structured around a walking tour of the battlefield park on the site. Using modern landmarks, the details of the siege as well as other significant events are explained in a concise and easy-to-follow style.

Old Ninety Six includes black and white photographs of the battlefield park as well as several maps to help a visitor navigate the park. The book is accessible enough to be worth adding to one's library for its historical detail. At the same time, the book is a must-have guide for anyone who is planning to visit the park. The book was written by two national park rangers in a style that is just as accessible to younger readers and those who have only a passing knowledge of the historic events as it is to more avid historians.

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