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Battlestar Galactica Mini Mates Collectible Toys:

Mini Mates Wave 1
Wave 1 (March 2007):
Admiral Cain & Starbuck 2-Pack
Apollo & Dualla 2-Pack
Cylon & Six 2-Pack
Cylon & Kobol Six (Variant) 2-Pack
Mini Mates Wave 2
Wave 2 (August 2007):
Admiral Adama & Colonel Tigh 2-Pack
Cannon Centurion & Lieutenant Boomer 2-Pack
Vice President Baltar & Caprica Six
Vice President Baltar & Gina
Mini Mates Wave 3
Wave 3 (November 2007):
Cmdr. Lee Adama & CAG Kara Thrace 2-Pack
D'Anna Biers & Sharon Valerii 2-Pack
Lieutenant Helo & Deck Chief Tyrol 2-Pack
Lieutenant Helo & Chief Tyrol (Variant) 2-Pack

Mini Mates Wave 4
Wave 4 (March 2008):
President Laura Roslin & Tom Zarek 2-Pack
Lt. Felix Gaeta & Specialist Cally Tyrol 2-Pack
Doctor Gaius Baltar & Doc Cottle 2-Pack
Miniseries Gaius Baltar & Doct Cottle 2-Pack

Mini Mates Series 1
Toys"R"Us Series 1:
Adama & Razor Cylon 2-Pack
Apollo & D'Anna 2-Pack
Cavil & Tylium Mine Cylon 2-Pack
Doral & Stealth Cylon 2-Pack
Leoben & Starbuck 2-Pack
Mini Mates Series 1
Toys"R"Us Series 2:
Athena & Cylon Centurion 2-Pack
Chief Tyrol & Mortar Pack Cylon 2-Pack
Ellen & Simon 2-Pack
Tigh & Captivity Six 2-Pack
Tory & Anders 2-Pack

Exclusive Previews:
Kat & Mortar Pack Cylon 2-Pack

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