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Episode Name: Crossroads, Part 2
Episode Number: 319
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/25/07 on SciFi Channel
Review Posted: 3/25/07

Review of Episode 3.19:

After watching the final shot of the season finale, our first thought was that we were happy that BSG got renewed for a fourth season because the finale didn't explain/resolve anything (Baltar's trial notwithstanding) and introduced more than a few big "game-changers" as the boys running Lost have grown fond of saying. It would have made for a lousy series finale. Closely following that first thought was the second one that had us practically screaming about the realization that we will have to wait nine months to start to get some answers to everything that happened in the finale.

The episode was mind-boggling. We're sure that we can re-watch this episode again and again from now until Season Four starts and still be "lost." But at the same time, it was a rich episode. Unlike the rushed mid-season episode Rapture, which also was the second of a two-parter, this episode was packed, but well-paced. Of course, this second parter resolved far less than that episode. That episode set up the storyline that led into Baltar's trial, which was finally brought to an end (and the only storyline that did so in this episode) in the finale.

Baltar's trial (tribunal or whatever it's called) was nearly a farce, but at the same time it was perfect. Unlike most television trials which try to be "realistic" and then suddenly veer off into melodrama, Baltar's trial hardly tried. There was lip-service paid to procedures and court precedent, but the Captains serving as the judges basically ignored it every time and embraced the melodrama. It had to be one of the most melodramatic trials ever devised and didn't even overstay its welcome like most melodramatic efforts. For the fleet's "trial of the century," having only four witnesses is pretty abbreviated. Of course, after the disasters that Tigh and Roslin were in part one, the outcome wasn't in any doubt. How they got there was the only mystery left. Gaeta 's bit was mundane, but hopefully sets up something in the future for Felix.

Lee's testimony was something else entirely. He's called to the stand against his wishes, and then he refuses to answer a question in order to protect his father. However, Adama wants to hear him out. Lee then points out the transgressions committed by several lead characters going back to the first episode of the first season (shooting down the Olympic Carrier). This is likely one of those jibes at Star Trek , which had a habit of hitting the reset button from episode to episode, let alone season to season. Lee's melodramatic, but impassioned statement was well-played and led to the expected not guilty verdict for Baltar, who quickly finds out that his defense team could care less about him as they abandon him.
The other major thread to the episode was the "music in the walls" storyline that started in part one. We had heard that it led to a reference to Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" and we hoped that it was falsely based on the temp track included on the incomplete media screeners. But as soon as Tigh started muttering lyrics, we knew that it was true. However, it played far better than we thought it would. The musical device of the four humming the tune led perfectly into the final sequence of the episode which was accompanied by a full-on cover of the song.

Speaking of that final sequence, Kara's not dead! Either that, or Lee helped himself to some of Roslin's kamala extract before hopping in a Viper. The identities of the Final Five was hinted at being revealed in this finale and if true, then we're going with the foursome of Tory, Tyrol , Tigh and Anders along with Kara simply because they heard the music from Earth and Kara claimed to have been there. That would seem to put them on the same "wavelength." The closing reappearance of Kara was well-played and was a complete surprise, although most really couldn't buy Kara's fate as being simply to accept death and expected her to reappear sometime.

Speaking of the Final Five, we don't think that they are anything like the seven known humanoid Cylon models. Of course, we'll have to wait until Season Four in January 2008 to find out. It's not the only thing that we'll have to wait for. We'll also have to wait to see if Gaeta's perjury will come back to haunt him, how the fleet survives the Cylon attack, what they find in the Ionian nebula (aside from visions of Kara), what Baltar's "new life" will be like, what Roslin/Caprica Six/Athena/Hera dream is all about, how will Lee get back into the military and make up with his father again and how will Adama and Roslin kiss and make up.

We could go on (and probably will in the next nine months), but we'll stop here for now. The two part season finale did much to redeem the season and indicated that show is far from running out of steam.

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