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(Be warned that if you are not current on the series, there are SPOILERS in this section)

- Joseph Adama: He is from Tauron and has emigrated to Caprica. He has risen above the traditional Caprican prejudice against Taurons, and has become a powerful, influential defense attorney, with powerful ties to the Tauron crime underworld. His wife and daughter are killed in the same bombing as Zoe Graystone, and he bonds with her father Daniel Graystone in a common grief. Joseph reluctantly agrees to assist Daniel in his grief-fueled efforts to create robotic versions of both their children -- but after stealing vital technology from a Tauron computer developer, Joseph is ethically appalled by the robot version of his dead Tamara, and repents his actions.

- Daniel Graystone: He is a spectacularly wealthy computer engineer and designer. His extensive business interests have left him little time for his daughter Zoe. Busy trying to design an intelligent robot, Daniel is devastated when Zoe is killed in a suicide bombing and has no idea that his daughter had a complex, very secret life. Daniel discovers that his own wizardry with computer technology was exceeded by his own child, who found a way to upload her personality into an online avatar. Daniel realizes that with the help of a little stolen technology, he can create a robotic version of his dead daughter. In doing so, he creates the first Cylon.

- Amanda Graystone: Daniel's wife, Amanda is a successful surgeon. Devastated after the death of her daughter Zoe, Amanda turns for consolation, not to her husband but to an ex-lover, Tomas Vergis, a Tauron who is one of her husband's competitors. Even so, she gains information about Vergis' intellectual property and passes it on to Daniel.

- Zoe Graystone: Zoe is the daughter of Daniel and Amanda Graystone. A computer genius like her father, she has found a way to enliven a holographic avatar of herself, by uploading all her memories and DNA into the hologram, thus creating her online twin, Zoe-A. A closet monotheist in the polytheistic culture of Caprica, and obliged to perform her religion in private, she tries to leave the planet with her boyfriend, Ben, only to be killed.

- Sister Clarice Willow: Sister Clarice is the headmistress of the Athena Academy, a private religious school, where Zoe Graystone, Zoe's friend Lacy and Zoe's boyfriend Ben are all enrolled. She is a closet monotheist, and has taken the best and brightest of her students and shared her own (illegal, closeted) beliefs with them.

- Ben Stark: He is Zoe Graystone's boyfriend and a fanatical monotheist. Ben introduced Zoe and her friend Lacy to his monotheistic beliefs.

- Tamara Adama: She is Joseph Adama's daughter. She is killed in the same bombing as Zoe Graystone.

- Sam Adama: He is Joseph Adama's brother. He is deeply involved in the Tauron underworld.

- Tomas Vergis: He is Amanda's ex-lover. He is also a business rival of Daniel's. Lastly, he is a Tauron.

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