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Re: The British Empire

Posted by Pat Henry on August 26, 2001 at 17:46:17:
In Reply to: The British Empire posted by King George on Aug. 21, 2001 at 14:00:41:

WE ALL KNOW WAR IS HELL AND STUFF HAPPENS... WHAT I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE UK IS WHY ITS OWN PEOPLE CHOOSE TO SUPPORT A GOVERNMENT THAT IS FOCUSED ON SOCIALISM. Please, we (Us freedom loving Americans) must understand is that this Poor Brit. can not seem to understand, that during wars ALL sides commit violence toward the innocent and that the moral high ground should be judged on which country has the most Freedom and liberty. Trust me gents, I will not suffer to pay any mind to an enslaved Brit. who believe that there country is free. As an American I know I am oppressed and, as an American I try to fight it. You Brits should concider adopting a more American and federalist type of governing. Oh yes, please remember, KING GEO LOST to a third rate, and what today would be a third world country. Your King could have cleaned up but underestimated the American's love of freedom.

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