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U.S. Marshal Edward Mars

Portrayed by: Fredric Lehne (Lane)

Appears in:
1.1 - "Pilot, Part 1"
1.2 - "Pilot, Part 2"
1.3 - "Tabula Rasa"
1.23 - "Exodus, Part 1"
1.24 - "Exodus, Part 2"
2.9 - "What Kate Did"

First seen as an injured man with shrapnel from the crash piercing his side, it is revealed that he was the U.S. Marshal whose gun Sawyer had claimed. Kate admits to Jack that she is the fugitive that he was escorting on the flight.

Tabula Rasa:
Mars had tracked Kate to Australia and was bringing her back to the states.

Mars had long been after Kate and even had taunted her by putting a toy airplane in a safe deposit box, which she schemed to retrieve.

What Kate Did:
Mars was the marshal who arrested Kate as she was trying to buy a bus ticket to Tallahassee. As Mars is driving Kate back for arraignment, a black horse appears on the rainy road. This causes Mars to crash and gives Kate an opportunity to escape.

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