The Patriot Resource - Lost

Tom Brennan

Portrayed by: Mackenzie Astin

Appears in:
1.22 - "Born to Run"

Tom was Kate's childhood sweetheart. When she returns to town to see her ill mother, Diane, she enlists Tom's help. Tom is a doctor with a family of his own now. The night that she arrives, she convinces him to go with her and dig up their personal time capsule, which includes a recording and his toy airplane. During the trip down memory lane, Kate loses herself and gives him a kiss, but it's too late for them. The next day, Tom helps get Kate into the hospital and get a private moment. When Diane gets upset and calls out for help, Kate runs for it. Tom leads her to his car in the parking garage. She tells him to let her leave He refuses and gets in the car with her. When she attempts to run a roadblock right outside the hospital, Tom is killed.

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