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Comprehensive Guide to 12 Monkeys

2001: A Space Odyssey:
2001: Internet Resource Archive - Sounds, pictures, essays and links.
Underman's 2001 - Very comprehensive site with all things tied to 2001.

Blade Runner:
2019: Off-World - Old style text-based resource (links) site.
Blade Runner FAQ - HTMLized FAQ culled from newsgroups.
BladeZone - Bladerunner Fan Club; Graphics intensive and commercial.

SETI Institute - SETI Institute's page on Dr. Jill Tarter, an influence for Dr. Ellie Arroway.

The Day the Earth Stood Still:
Gort! - All about the movie with special emphasis on Gort the robot.
TDTESS SiteGuide - Limited filmography, sounds and images.

The Unofficial Forbidden Planet Home Page - The only site to be found, but has some good background information.

Logan's Run:
Unofficial Logan's Run FAQ - Covers the books, movie and TV series.
Science Fiction and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction - Five essays on the film.
Vikki's City of Domes - Still growing resource on the books, movie, TV series and new movie development.
The World of Logan's Run - Has several discussion forums.

The Matrix - Official Site. Graphics intensive with production information.

Planet of the Apes:
Ape City - The site is in transition from Spleenworld.
The Forbidden Zone - Guides/credits, FAQ, articles and reviews for the movies, TV series, books and comics.

Andrey Tarkovsky's Solaris - Underman's 2001 page on the Russian film.
Study Guide for Stanislaw Lem - Chapter by chapter summary of the novel on which the movie is based.

Star Trek:
StarTrek.com - Official Site from Paramount. Episode guides for all the TV series and movies.

Star Wars:
TheForce.net - Most well-connected fan site specializing in film rumors. Went a bit commercial of late.
StarWars.com - Official Site from LucasFilm. Currently showing off interesting, but uninformative (to the plot) production materials for the new trilogy.

Absolut Paradigm

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