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Babylon 5:
Babylon5.com - Official Site. The usual production information, plus exclusive cast/crew interview clips.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 - In-depth episode breakdowns and a huge resource list. The place to start for B5 novices.

SCIFI.COM: Farscape - Official Site. Graphics intensive. Standard production info presented with the show's satirical attitude. Forums.

Highlander: The Official Site - The Series - Episode guide. Not much here, but no other site with more information is to be found.

Nowhere Man:
NowhereMan.org - Episode guide, Fan fiction, FAQ and a Forum.

The Pretender:
The Pretender at TNT - Official Site. Graphics intensive.

Quantum Leap: The Accelerator Chamber - Episode guide and not much else, but no other site to be found.

Red Dwarf:
Official Site - Slightly commercial, but they are in touch with their fans, so it's got exclusive information worth taking a look at.
FAQ - Courtesy of the alt.tv.red-dwarf newsgroup.
Robert Llewellyn's Home Page - Kryten's very own website.
Silicon Hell - Episode synopses, fan fiction and guide to Red Dwarf media.

Star Trek:
StarTrek.com - Official Site from Paramount. Episode guides for all the TV series and movies.

The Fifth Dimension (This is the Twilight Zone) - Great site with lengthy episode guides and many other treasures.

Absolut Paradigm

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